Giant Sloths

$96.00 - $102.00
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Giant Sloths

Been wanting to make these a listing for awhile!
Giant sloths, twice the size of my regular sloths! Check the second photo for a size comparison. (You can find their listing here as well)

Over 2 1/2 feet tall
Hand and machinesewn
Made with faux fur and felt

Choose if you’d like it in brown, white, or pastel stripes!
Pastel stripe option not pictured but an example of the fur used is in the third photo.
You also choose the face/toe color. Any color(s) you'd like! Use the 'Contact' button in my shop or email me at [email protected] with any color specifications

Shipping to US: $8.50
Shipping to Canada: $14
Shipping internationally: $18

If shipping winds up costing less than what you paid I will refund the difference!