Design your own Monstroctopus

$70.00 - $78.00
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Design your own Monstroctopus

Get a Monstroctopus of your very own designed!

For inspiration, a gallery of monstroctopi I've made in the past:

Choose your color from the drop down list. Colors will vary with what I have available. If you want a color I don't have on hand it will be $8 extra, and please choose the 'Other Color' option.

In the note during checkout, you can specify:
- Number of eyes you want (2-4 eyes)
- Color of Eyelids, or no eyelids (Any color)
- Expression (You can either reference one I've made before or draw it out for me)
- Color of mouth/tongue (Any color)
- Antler shape (Branch, rounded, pointed, etc)
- Antler color (Any color)
- Under tentacle color (Solids, stripes, or spots)
- Any other small accessories (Braces, drool, extra teeth etc)
- If you want something bigger added it may be a little more extra, just ask and I can let you know if it's free to add or more.

Or you can choose as few things as you want and I'll just make you something unique for you!

Custom monstroctopi are about 8-9 inches tall not including the tentacles,
12-15 inches in antlerspan.
Hand & Machinesewn

Shipping to US: $6
Shipping to Canada: $10
Shipping internationally: $16